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Alert! Shocking Facts About Makeup That You Should Know

People cherish the women’s beauty but after some age, the beauty fades up. To gain that pretty, gorgeous look, women put on makeup to feel stunning and energetic. The use starts from ancient times and still rises up. But as time rolls up, the ingredients are also changed. Today, I let you know some unbelievable facts about the makeup that may blow your mind. Read on –

  1. The first nail polish was invented in China and surprisingly, it contained a mixture of beeswax, egg whites, gum and powder.
  1. Can you believe this? In the 18th century, England had passed a law that permitted men to divorce their wives if they caught them having makeup.
  1. The first mascara was produced by Eugene Rimmel in the 19th century. Ultimately, the word Rimmel closely translates to mascara in some of the languages. The meaning of mascara is mask or stain in Spanish and Portuguese.
  1. Some laws never get worked. In order for women to put on makeup in Pennsylvania, she must get a permit first. Luckily, no one follows the law.
  1. During Cleopatra’s reign, she would soak the ship in perfume so the scent would drift to Rome before her arrival. In between this, she was declared as a beauty queen of the Egypt.
  1. It amazes me! Neon color nail polish is not legal in the United States. While many brands sold the color but not the exact neon. Thus, you have to buy neon color nail polish from other countries.

At last, there is huge deep history behind the makeup. Still putting on makeup is the supreme choice for women before going outside. Because everyone loves to be appreciated. Stay beautiful!