Alert! Shocking Facts About Makeup That You Should Know

People cherish the women’s beauty but after some age, the beauty fades up. To gain that pretty, gorgeous look, women put on makeup to feel stunning and energetic. The use starts from ancient times and still rises up. But as time rolls up, the ingredients are also changed. Today, I let you know some unbelievable facts about the makeup that may blow your mind. Read on –

  1. The first nail polish was invented in China and surprisingly, it contained a mixture of beeswax, egg whites, gum and powder.
  1. Can you believe this? In the 18th century, England had passed a law that permitted men to divorce their wives if they caught them having makeup.
  1. The first mascara was produced by Eugene Rimmel in the 19th century. Ultimately, the word Rimmel closely translates to mascara in some of the languages. The meaning of mascara is mask or stain in Spanish and Portuguese.
  1. Some laws never get worked. In order for women to put on makeup in Pennsylvania, she must get a permit first. Luckily, no one follows the law.
  1. During Cleopatra’s reign, she would soak the ship in perfume so the scent would drift to Rome before her arrival. In between this, she was declared as a beauty queen of the Egypt.
  1. It amazes me! Neon color nail polish is not legal in the United States. While many brands sold the color but not the exact neon. Thus, you have to buy neon color nail polish from other countries.

At last, there is huge deep history behind the makeup. Still putting on makeup is the supreme choice for women before going outside. Because everyone loves to be appreciated. Stay beautiful!

Secrets Revealed: Dermatologist (with great skin) Shares Which Food They Swear By For a Healthy Glow

If you asked any dermatologist 20 years ago that if the change in diet can make your skin look better? They would just muttered like:you should eat balanced diet and send you home. And, many would have dismissed the idea altogether.

Due to increasingly large scientific studies, not only the skin specialists are convinced of the link between what we eat and the look and feel of our skin, but from acne to wrinkles, even the skin’s own sun protection  shows which food does what effects to the skin. But, you can still consult with best skin doctor London to influence the state of your face.

Following healthy diets not only will make your skin tick, but with these skin-friendly diets your skin will totally glow.

Method 1: Boiled eggs, oily fish, and plenty of green vegetables along with red meat are recommended twice a week.

Method 2: Freshly squeezed tomato juice at breakfast, fresh beetroot, brown rice, carrots, chicken and watermelon and many vegetables should be in your diet plan to make your skin glow.

Also, oysters are very healthy as they are so high in skin-loving zinc, it could practically be a skin medicine.

Method 3: all type of berries, fruits and vegetables eaten all together in widest variety of colors can be useful for a great skin. This is because you need to eat different kinds of antioxidants which contain maximum skin benefit. Studies also proved that it induces collagen production in the skin.

Method 4: everyday, make a shake with handful of blueberries, raspberries, some coconut water, banana and flexseeds crushed for a skin-fix breakfast. Also, slow-release carbs like brown rice, pulses and wholemeal bread  will help you get a glowing skin.

Ditch The Low Fat Diet

Research showed that low fat foods might be sabotaging your face. You might see someone who is really thin, eating a lean and low fat foods and drinking lots of water throughout the day, but still their skin look dry or dehydrated. The reason is because they don’t have enough good fat content in their diets which means more water is evaporating from skin’s surface especially in air-conditioned or heated environments.


All in all, the given above diet foods are all in practical use by well-known dermatologists and they swear that they work and always recommend to their patients who are suffering from wrinkles or dry skin.

Things You Didn’t Know About Cosmetics

Regardless of the possibility that you’re a cosmetics expert, we wager you never knew some of these fun (and peculiar) realities about feel through the ages. Consider this your odd makeup instruction.

Mona was a Trendsetter

Have you ever asked why the Mona Lisa has no eyebrows? Da Vinci didn’t come up short on paint; he basically depicted the smoothness (culled out eyelashes and eyebrows, shaved brows) that was constantly.

Pay for Poop

Upscale spa-goers can now pay for the benefit of getting fledgling crap spread on their appearances. The songbird droppings in expensive “geisha” or “songbird” facials are accepted to diminish, light up, and feed the composition.

Ballpoint Against B.O.

In 1952, antiperspirant with an implement taking into account the same important as the recently developed ballpoint pen was initially promoted in the U.S. The historic item? Boycott Roll-On.

Pale and Dangerous

For a long time, European ladies utilized ceruse to help their compositions. Shockingly, the vinegar and lead that made up the glue was known not male pattern baldness and possibly deadly lead harming.

A Snip Solution

Skin break out and smolder patients in the U.K. might be treated with vavelta, a reasonable fluid that contains skin cells that revive and renew harmed skin from the back to front. These skin cells, called fibroblasts, are disengaged from foreskins gave by moms of circumcised child young men.